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You Can Have a 12 Month, Strategic HVAC Marketing Plan...Instantly! 

I’ve struggled to create a marketing plan for years. Now this tool does it better than I would’ve done… in about a half-hour! It’s been profitable beyond my dreams.”
                                                                 - Jeffrey Lee, Flint, MI

Fail to plan; plan to fail.

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Those are harsh words, but very true. Not having a marketing plan creates several other problems – yet if corrected, the results can be hugely profitable as you’ll see.

Contractors spend, on average, 4.3% of their sales on marketing. But it’s how you spend it that can send your sales through the roof. Why? Because marketing produces your sales.You could say –

“If your phone doesn’t ring enough you’re going out of business.” In fact, one of the greatest business leaders of our time, Dr. W. Edwards Deming went so far as to say, “Marketing your company is the only profitable investment; everything else is cost.”

A good marketing plan can be your path to a fortune. But without a plan, you don ’t know what to spend, when to spend, or on what to make your investment pay maximum rewards. It’d be great to have a plan, however…


Most contractors (77%) have no marketing plan. If that includes you, it’s nearly certain that you’re dumping money in the wrong media, at the wrong time, or with the wrong message. Any one of these errors can send your sales and dollars down the drain. Need proof?

Most contractors badly overspend on Yellow Pages.They do so because a rep was in their face squawking about deals and deadlines.Having no plan forced a bad decision that you pay for all year.




Also, many contractors “wait on the weather”, but if it doesn ’t come – oops! They panic to run ads that are supposed to make up for the loss.They don’t. So their sales suffer all season. “No plan” strikes again. Each time costs. Each time hurts. “Maybe next year,” you say …

But there may not be a next year without a
marketing plan that works.

You need a plan that fits your message, your weather, and budget – for every media, every month. 

To solve these problems,we ’ve just created the HVAC Marketing PowerPlan System. It’s a complete 12-month marketing planning system based on 9 years of real HVAC market results.

It includes brilliant software, an HVAC Planning Manual, an audio course and much more. Once you have it, you’re moments away from a monthly marketing plan using your budget and goals.

That’s right. What normally takes a $4000/day consultant two days to complete can be done instantly. No “reinventing the wheel ”, no guesswork, no copying your competition. And if your needs or goals change? Big deal – just tweak it and your marketing plan is re-done. Just like that.

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"I just received my HVAC Marketing PowerPlan System....Looks like you might 
have saved me another 10 years of trial and error marketing (mostly error). Thanks!"  -Pat Boykin, Roussos A/C & Heating


 Marketing Plan That Works 


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