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Jumpstart 2010

This is my digital Jumpstart Package for contractors only!  

It is “open” now, but will close – gone, over, finished, ‘pulled’ from existence – on February 26, 2010 at 5pm CST.

You have tools for success – ready and waiting for you – with no strings attached. You don’t even have to do the legwork: just sit, listen, read, and apply.

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  • Sales&Marketing Insider NewsletterOnce you enter your information above, you’re automatically signed up to get hot marketing tips and strategies every other week. It’s like an ongoing coach, keeping you fired up – and you can cancel any time. ($76 value) 
  • How to Make 2010 Your Best Year Ever – Your monthly planning map is right here. ($79 value) 
  • The Ugliest Yellow Page Ad I Ever Saw in My Life – Should make you feel better about yours! (Unless of course yours is featured. Ooops!)
  • What’s Working in Contractor Marketing NOW –  If you’re NOT doing these, your company is looking more outdated every day. 
  • Audio Message: Why the "New" Economy is Up to You – No personal recession allowed. You’ll enjoy this.  ($79 value) 
  • Are Twitter and Facebook the Downfall of Mankind as We Know It? (or is it just me?) The truth about Social Networking that goes beyond the hype. 
  • Encouragement, funny contractor pictures, and ‘real life stories’ that will get a reaction from you. 
  • Audio Message:  Recession Rescue Contractors just like you are setting sales records, in this economy, right now. Learn how to duplicate their success. ($79 value) 
  • Audio Message: Total Customer Service SuperiorityGood customer service isn't a mystery. There are distinct principles that you can follow to make your business the customer service standout in your market - and you'll learn them in this audio coaching session. ($79 value)