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Mike Murphy, Editor of the NEWS recently wrote, “Most contractors have had a tough season. Either the phone’s not ringing, prospects ‘put off’ buying, or they’re accepting low-ball bids from desperate competitors. Eroding margins and a dismal economy only add to the pain.” He’s dead right.

But you can eliminate those problems if you take advantage of what’s in front of you right now. 

On July 29, at 1pm CDT, you’re invited to a one-time only Training Teleseminar to find out how contractors just like you are setting sales records, in this economy, right now. Click to Register NOW. 

Yes, records. And we contend most anyone can copy the steps. See, we’re advising clients in the art of “Recession Rescue” which involves little-known strategies that blow results out of the water. Most are low-cost, some are even no-cost ways to generate more leads, close more sales (at higher margins) and basically get stronger while competitors shrivel.

So what’s going to happen during the call?  Mike Murphy, editor of The News, will interview “Sales Superstar” Drew Cameron and me, forcing us to share exactly how you can…

So what’s going to happen during the call?  “Sales Superstar” Drew Cameron and I are prepared to share exactly how you can…

  • Generate triple digit leads using 5 ‘stealth’ marketing techniques.
  • Convert every caller into an ‘upsell’ with 3 sentences.
  • Build credibility, image, and price resistance in 25 seconds.
  • The 3 nearly foolproof closes for high-dollar sales with the Tax Credit Incentive. (This alone is worth the call!)
  • Raise margins on payment buyers with two words.
  • One question from your CSR can bump IAQ sales through the roof.
  • The Email ‘4R’ sequence that generates stacks of referrals automatically.

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You’ll learn this and much more when you tune into this 1 hour call. Mike says he’ll be asking tough “how to” questions that can generate more leads and sales for you. Just closing one additional sale this summer puts another $5,000-$12,000 on the books, but we feel like it’ll be far more valuable than that!

Just think of it this way… if we were to come to your office, our “on-site training” go upwards of $5000 each.  However, we’ve agreed to “tell all” plus provide a 16-page Workbook, at a cost to you of…

Absolutely nothing.  It’s free. No charge at all. There’s nothing to “buy” on this call. Just sign up and listen in.

The catch? You must register now since we only reserved 270 lines.  (This is no small “catch.” My last call had 561 contractors jam the lines.)

Learn how contractors are setting sales records in a tough market.  Listen in on a ONE-TIME ONLY “Recession Rescue Teleseminar".  Click to Register NOW.

How to get FREE Recession Rescue training:

  1. Register for the special training teleseminar on Wednesday, July 29, 1:00 pm, Central time. (Check out for the exact time in your area).
  2. On July 29, simply call in, using the instructions provided after you register.
  3. Get ready to learn sales secrets from a couple of consultants who have helped folks just like you double, even triple, their sales during one of the toughest times in this industry’s history.  Literally, this ONE CALL for ONE HOUR can earn you tens of thousands in sales that you’d have otherwise “given” to competitors!

Register Today: Start Selling More tomorrow!  I hope you’ll join us for the call. This will be fun, fast paced, fact-filled… and financially rewarding!

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P.S. Act quickly and you could win a special bonus.  The first 100 to register for this sales-building seminar will receive a free CD on “How to Sell More with Tax Credits.”  Plus you’ll get a stack of resources just for dialing in.  Register today!