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Hudson,Ink began in 2001 with, well, ink. Founder Adams Hudson started the company by offering direct response copy and customer retention newsletters to the highly underserved in-home contractor niche. What started as paper and ink quickly became full-service marketing that included strategy, fulfillment, and multi-channel media.

Today, contractors reap the benefits of Hudson,Ink’s over 15 years of speaking at national events; hundreds of articles written for trade publications like the ACHR News, P&M, iE3, and PHCC, just to name a few; 13,000+ strong contractors group; and over 22 million newsletters published.

That unmatched industry experience means you get proven marketing solutions that are painstakingly designed to generate more leads with greater credibility, higher customer retention and referrals. In fact, as a company we’re proud to say that our direct response advertising has helped produce an astounding $330,000,000 in sales for contractor clients in one year. All in one place. All done for you.

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