Today, customer retention cannot be assumed or happen by accident.

The old thinking of “my customers stay with me” has passed. Customers have too many distractions, too few memory cells, and too many aggressive competitors making sure of that.

What you can do to improve customer retention.

What you can do.

Move from asking “are my customers being loyal to me?” to “am I being loyal to my customers?”

That’s where a strong customer retention program steps in, including regular, high-quality ‘touches’ to:

  1. Build the relationship,
  2. Establish your value to them and their referrals,
  3. Present your services, products, and ‘customer only’ offers. Intentionally, in that order. Many get this wrong and pay the price.

The top-performing retention program can combine:

  • Regularly mailed ‘real’ newsletter to do the heavy lifting, brand building
  • Emails – from ‘thanks’ to monthly tips
  • Social Posts – friendly, fun, educational
  • Online e-zine – emails and social posts land here to drive traffic, build image
  • A professional, ongoing program of Customer Retention will absolutely trounce ‘winging it’ and hoping for the best (which is what most contractors do). Here’s what else it can do.

What retention does.

A pro-active Customer Retention program puts your retention efforts on auto-pilot. We can do your entire Customer Retention program, resulting in:

  • More sales from high value customers
  • Get a higher ticket average
  • Multiply your referrals
  • Build a loyalty wall around customers
  • Greatly increase image and branding

All at an investment of 88% less than typical ‘acquisition’ marketing! And we can do the entire process and program for you.

What does PowerSuite do?
How do I get started with the Customer Retention program?

How to get started.

If you’re reading this and don’t know where to begin or how to improve your existing retention efforts, fortunately, we offer you two ridiculously easy ways to get started. Even better, we manage everything for you so you get the results without any heavy-lifting. Just choose the option that fits your needs and we’ll handle it from there!

Basic Retention

  • Professional full-color Newsletter: This real, mailed newsletter goes to your active customer base (transactions within last 48 months)
  • MailSmart Service: We clean and de-dupe your list, getting high delivery at high speed and low cost.
  • Frequency: 2,4, or 6 times per year.
  • Nice discounts for frequency and quantity. Just call or email a coach!

Advanced Retention

Add to your mailed program for online and offline media integration. Blow your customers away!

  • Monthly email program. Pre-written emails to go to your customers base each month
  • Monthly social posts. Pre-written posts and graphics for you to post and link to…
  • Online Customer Retention Portal. Emails link to this custom built portal. This is like a ‘second website’ that includes:
    • Your company logo and info
    • Articles and images about home energy, decorating, and special offers from you
    • Access to your main website

The Program for Customer


Start with a Customer Retention level that meets your growth needs, staffing and budget capabilities. Start with a Customer Retention level that meets your growth needs, staffing and budget capabilities. Our coaches will work with you to find the perfect retention program. Click “I want to talk about it” to get started.

Just like it’s hard for you to estimate a job by long distance, we want to get this right for you. The program should fit your goals, or it’s not a fit!

In ONE 7-minute phone call, you can find out:

Is a Retention program right for your company?

If so, what frequency and budget? No, we won’t “talk you into the most expensive thing,” because then you won’t be back and that hurts our retention! This is a relationship, and we practice what we preach.

You can call 800-489-9099 now or schedule here:

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