Marketing to grow your HVAC business.

Dominate sales of replacements, repairs, upsells and service agreements with 24 marketing campaigns packed into the HVAC Marketing PowerSuite.

The Complete HVAC Marketing


The PowerSuite makes it turn-key easy to access and implement every marketing tool you need to explode sales of replacements, preventive maintenance, tune ups, general service and repairs, IAQ’s, accessories, upsells and maintenance agreements. We’ve helped thousands of HVAC businesses like yours grow their sales - up to 4x more. It’s your turn. Join us.

What is PowerSuite?

What is PowerSuite?

It’s like insane marketing elves showed up at your office and left behind full-blown marketing campaigns for your company for the whole year.

They included image and lead-building ads, emails, letters, social posts, billboards, radio copy, online videos and even nitty things like on-hold messages and yard signs. Probably cookies too.

They put these ads in organized campaigns in your private online marketing arsenal. You choose what you want to sell, and see a plan on how to get it done, according to your budget and goals. Amazingly, there’s still more.

You can even have your chosen content placed online, with emails and direct mail sent for you. Yes, “hands off” marketing automation just like the big guys. Plus you have access to a real-live marketing coach (thankfully not an insane elf) who guides you through the marketing maze, and works this magic for you.

What does PowerSuite do?

It makes your marketing life a lot easier. The PowerSuite is designed to build your image, your lead count, and your profits, all while reducing stress.

Your integrated multi-media marketing campaigns are laid out in advance to hit targeted lists that can generate maximum response in minimum time. These campaigns run just prior and during to their most likely selling season to ignite a firestorm of leads.

You can choose campaigns in part or whole, plus ramp your campaigns up or down as your work load dictates. Smart stuff.

What does PowerSuite do?
How do I get started with PowerSuite?

How do I get started with PowerSuite?

Before Hudson Ink cracked this technology, you couldn’t. (Well, you could, but you’d be charged low 6-figures for it.)

The fast route:

Just tell us, “I want a marketing program that builds my image, reputation, and repeat sales automatically.” We’ll take it from there.

What it costs.

This program isn’t about cost, but return on investment. Sure, you’d expect me to say that, but that’s the best way to consider any marketing. Let’s break it down -

A PowerSuite comes with up to 24 marketing campaigns, in the top online and offline media including:

  • Email
  • Direct mail letters and postcards
  • Social posts
  • Online video
  • Web sales copy
  • Radio scripts
  • Billboards
  • Facebook ads
  • More
  • These campaigns contain ads for leads, image, and branding to help you sell…

  • Replacements
  • Preventive Maintenance/Tune ups
  • General service and repair
  • IAQ, Accessories
  • Maintenance Agreements

Can you think of anything that’s left out? With all that content, realize that top copywriters, graphic designers and web wizards to make this program play nice aren’t cheap. Replacement cost to build the PowerSuite (from us or an ad agency) would likely be over $80,000. (I charge $3,000 to custom write one letter.)

Plus, you get an arsenal of training courses to assist you in any phase of your marketing plan.

Yet you license the entire HVAC PowerSuite for just $997. That’s less than the mark-up in one replacement sale. And there are no ”annual renewal fees“ as long as you keep your monthly membership.

Monthly membership includes coaching, regular updates and support, in 3 levels:


All levels include a one time $997 license fee.


$197 month


$297 month


$397 month


  • Each campaign includes:
  • Email & Web Copy
  • Social Posts
  • Billboard
  • Direct Response Letter
  • Direct Response Postcard
  • Print Ad Quarter Page
  • Print Ad Half Page
  • On Hold Message
  • Radio Script
  • Yard Sign
8 16 24

 Training Courses

  • High Performance Offline Marketing
  • High Performance Web Marketing
  • Marketing Powerplan
  • Social Media Magnet
  • Ultimate CSR Performance
  • Automatic Customer Retention & Referrals

MegaMarketer Coaching Club Membership

Silver Gold Platinum

$100 Fulfillment Credits

0 2 5

Email Fulfillment

100% Guarantee

100% No-nonsense “Buy It Back” Guarantee

Get the HVAC Marketing PowerSuite today. Put the ads and campaigns to work generating leads, sales and a better image. Use the support to build your plan.

If this program doesn’t generate several times your investment in sales, time-savings or pure profit (or even if you don’t like the way we answer the phone!), simply cancel for any reason and we’ll refund 100% of your license fee any time within six full months.

A guarantee like that proves we are on your side, to help you hit your goals and build your business through smarter marketing.

The Complete HVAC Marketing


Start with a PowerSuite level that meets your growth needs, staffing and budget capabilities.

All levels require a one-time $997 license, then you can choose your monthly membership level. The Silver Level offers limited content and services start at $197/mo. Increase your content, and get access to print and email fulfillment for $297/mo at the Gold Level. Platinum members get full access to 24 campaigns, print and email fulfillment. No matter where you start, you’ll be glad you did! We guarantee it.

  • Greg Gill

    After sending out 4,881 letters, we generated over 100 appointments! Nearly half became maintenance agreements, 6 needed equipment (at $4860 average ticket), so the campaign pulled over $50,000 in sales. Happy to have this tool in my arsenal!

    Mark Huge Huge Heating and Cooling, Berea, Ohio
  • Tomasz Nowak

    After your marketing program, our sales increased an incredible 94%! Our office staff and techs are so fired up! I cannot thank you enough.

    Noble YelvertonDixie Electric, Plumbing, & Air, Alabama
  • Tomasz Nowak

    We’ve already sold three systems off one campaign and have started another. We couldn’t have done it without the PowerSuite campaigns or the coaching that comes with it.

    Allen KentKent Heating & Air Conditioning, Valparaiso, IN

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