Coaching for Contractor Marketing and Sales

With multiple levels to choose from, the Coaching Club is designed to elevate your company's exposure and sales - no matter where you are today.

Coaching for Contractor Marketing and Sales

Why Coaching?

As far as I know, this is the first and only Coaching Club devoted solely to the disciplines that make your cash registers and phones ring: Contractor marketing and sales.

This ongoing Contractor Marketing Coaching program represents years of trial-and-error, copywriting tests, or long agonizing seminars with the hand-written notes that we all bring home from those things, clutched to our breast like they’re the secret to life itself. Other parts of it were borne from the backs and brows of real contractors – just like you – who eventually “cracked the code” (with or without our help) and were willing to share with a highly inquisitive marketer. That all comes with this Coaching Club program, plus a good bit more.

What doesn’t seem possible is that this same hard-won information is worth millions (literally) in some hands… and only its weight in another’s.

That’s where you come in.

To summarize, the Coaching Club’s mission is: The ethical acquisition and retention of paying customers. But you’ll have to accept an active role in the success of that mission.

Sure, that sounds all sweet so let’s sing Kum-ba-ya and hug, but don’t ever confuse that knowing how is the same as experiencing success. Your membership fee is appreciated, but we’ll both be paid many times over from your application of these principles.

For your success!

In truth, this letter is my first attempt at planting that seed… and we haven’t even gotten started yet!

Many contractors feel the coaching calls are a big benefit. Different levels come with varying amounts of one-on-one coaching. But even the basic Silver level comes with 20 minutes a month with a Coach. A LOT can get done in that time, but not if you spend the first 15 telling us about how your grandfather who started the business used to hand-crank the truck way back when. Please - for your sake - just get to your most pressing needs so we can be of the most value.

But there are a lot more benefits than just the phone consults – regular and ongoing mailouts, newsletters, teleseminars, strategies and more.

I think you’ll find that this is a great Club and you will get A LOT out of it. Regular, systemized coaching to take you through the year, season by season. I am excited about the upcoming year and hope you are too.

Take a look at the list of benefits and the different Coaching Club levels. We’d love to have you in the Club!

Coaching for Contractor Marketing and Sales
Coaching for Contractor Marketing and Sales

We’re on your team.

To take the analogy further, we’ve got the playbook, understand offensive and defensive strategies, plus have studied the competition from so far inside he probably thinks we’re family. We’ve done low budget, big budget; we’ve done “image”, “recognition”, “retention” and of course “direct response” campaigns that have made contractors both rich and regretful. Rich for the sales and achievement; regretful they didn’t do it sooner.

But NONE of the above was “our” doing – it was the player’s well-rewarded effort in having followed instructions and using the tools given.

Elevate Your Sales with the


With multiple levels to choose from, the Coaching Club is designed to elevate your company's exposure and sales - no matter where you are today.

No matter where you start, you’ll be glad you did!

  • Tomasz Nowak

    I’ve always enjoyed working with Hudson Ink, especially the coaching team. They go out of their way to find personal solutions to your marketing problems – even when the problems are tough. Thanks for everything you do to help me keep my business going to the next level.

    Tom McCormick McCormick Electrical Services Inc., North Liberty, IN

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