The HVAC Business is Tough

Peaks and valleys in the HVAC industry create way too much stress. The phone never stops ringing during the busy months, and you can’t get anyone to talk to you during the off months. In addition, keeping good HVAC technicians happy is a year-round challenge. All of this makes your job difficult (if not impossible) and doesn’t leave any time to plan ahead. We can help.

It’s Time to Market Smarter. Not Harder.

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Eliminate Your Seasonal Peaks And Valleys...

How? By marketing to the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. We’re proud to say that our industry-specific marketing strategies and products have helped produce an astounding $330,000,000 in sales for our HVAC contractors in one year. With Hudson,Ink you get marketing professionals with a proven track record in the HVAC industry.

  • 15.4m+ newsletters printed for clients
  • Worked with over 10k HVAC contractors
  • 550+ articles published in the industry’s top publications
  • 300% increase in search engine results
  • 77% increase in overall website visitors
  • 7000% increase in traffic to service pages

HVAC Contractor Marketing
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Our unmatched HVAC industry experience means you get proven HVAC sales & marketing insights that are custom designed to maximize HVAC lead generation with better targeting, higher customer retention, and referrals.

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Contractors rate Hudson,Ink programs as essential to their marketing success.

  • 42 Appointments in 10 Days!

    "I thought my web traffic was pretty good. Then we used integrated marketing. Later added the social posts, video. It all tied together. In 10 days, we got 292 visits, 148 clicks and 42 appointments. So far we’ve done $49,760 in sales, with many appointments left. I plan on doing this every time. Thanks!"

    Vickie D. Riddle,
    Advance Mechanical, Inc. | Greenville, NC

  • 235% increase in Web Visits

    “Google Analytics proved our web visits rocketed from 370 to 871 in ONE MONTH. We also reclaimed first place in search. We’re amazed.”

    One-Hour Heating and Air
    San Marcos, CA

  • Finally Hit the Marketing Switch, Net Profits Soar by $308,000

    "I finally turned on the ‘marketing switch.' Using your system, our sales just hit $4,860,000 and my net profit has gone from 9% to over 12%."

    Greg Gill,
    Action Air Inc | San Marcos, CA

  • Over 100 Appointments and $50k in Sales

    “After sending out 4,881 of your letters to the target group you suggested, we generated over 100 appointments! This is unreal. Nearly half (44) became maintenance agreements, 6 needed equipment (at $4860 average ticket), so the campaign has pulled over $50,000 in sales so far. From one promotion! Happy to have this tool in my arsenal! Thanks for everything!”

    Mark Huge,
    Huge Heating and Cooling | Berea, Ohio

  • Integrated Marketing Pulls Over $200,000 in sales the first month in business

    “…We recently added an HVAC division to our company, yet didn’t know how to get the word out. (We knew who to call!) After you put together our initial pieces and plan, I am fairly shocked to say that we did just over $200,000 in sales of a brand new service in just over a month! We still can’t believe it. Thanks a ton.”

    Noble Yelverton
    Dixie Electric, Heating, Plumbing & Air

  • “We actually have a marketing system now.”

    We only did a little marketing before Hudson,Ink, mostly just our website and some SEO. We didn’t really have a system, and we weren’t tracking anything. Now that we’re with Hudson,Ink, we have a schedule of campaigns to run, and they only take a few minutes to launch. Hudson,Ink has done a great job of keeping us on track, even coaching us on services our other vendors supply. It’s all in one. We actually have a marketing system now.

    Lisa Scott
    Dick’s Air Conditioning & Heating, MD

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