Generate More Leads at the Source

Your contracting company wants to work in more homes. People live in homes. Doesn’t it make sense for your marketing to go directly into those homes and generate the lead?

That’s Direct Hit.

Using a unique combination of sales triggers built into the copy, these marketing pieces go to the right targets, right where they live, to pull leads right now.

What is Direct Hit?

What is DirectHit?

Direct Hit packages are single ‘ready-to-use’ marketing campaigns with a tight focus on selling a particular product or service.

Yet instead of a single piece created as cheaply as possible (that may lower your image and your results) a Direct Hit package is a complete campaign.

Each DirectHit campaign includes:

  • Direct Mail Letter
  • Postcard
  • Email and Web Copy to drive response
  • Social Post
  • Direct Mail Envelope
  • …that all work seamlessly to drive sales.

You can use as much or little as you want.

The core focus is Direct Mail – letters and postcards – that we send for you to a strategically chosen list.

See? A real campaign. You merely pick what you want to sell, choose from our online marketing vault, and let us do the rest.

You like leads. We like sending them to you. So…

Let’s get started.

When you select your Direct Hit package, you’ll get a copyrighted high-end campaign (plus coaching!) to start clicking off leads for you.

  1. What do you want to sell/offer?
  2. How many households do you want to reach?

This program isn’t about cost, but return on investment. An ad agency would charge over $140,000 just for the content. Keep that in mind, but prepare to be surprised.

What you get:

  • Direct Mail Letter
  • Postcard
  • Envelope design with teaser copy
  • Email and Web Copy to drive response
  • Social post with graphics to extend reach

What we do...

  • Provide a pre-done campaign to fit your sales targets
  • Customize the campaign for your company and budget
  • Send to top-chosen targets for maximum results
  • Provide Marketing Coaching at no cost for a full month per campaign. (After that, you’ll have access to Silver Level benefits at 65/mo. Cancel anytime.)
100% Guarantee

Double Your Leads Guarantee

Get your Direct Hit campaign. Let us customize and send to your targeted list. If you don’t get double the leads of your best previous effort (using same statistical measurement) we’ll refund your license fee 100%.

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